The Impact of Advanced EoAT on Collaborative Applications

Pick & Place

Requirements for pick and place applications have become much more sophisticated, which is driving the need for advanced EoAT. Applications may require sensitivity akin to human fingertips, the efficiency of dual grippers, the flexibility to grab objects of differing sizes and materials, or the ability to grasp items without leaving a mark.

A gripper gives you precision handling hour after hour and it never gets tired. Our grippers are easy to install and program and fit a wide range of cobots and light industrial robotic arms.

RG2-FT Grippers, RG2/RG6 Grippers, Gecko Gripper, VG10 Gripper

Recommended EoAT:

  • Extend senses similar to the human hand
  • Ability to handle different sizes and shapes
  • Ability to position objects
  • No-mark grip, even on flat or porous objects

RG2-FT Grippers

RG2/RG6 Grippers

Gecko Grippers

VG10 Gripper