VX500 Smart Camera

Grabs More Accurately

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VX500 Smart Camera

5-megapixel camera and LED light source with Dobot self-developed 2.5D spatial compensation technology can achieve ±0.26 mm positioning accuracy for a variety of applications. This includes grabbing slanted surfaces on objects, assembly for fixed positions and AMMR robot transportation, loading and unloading scenarios and more. The VX500 Smart Camera works with visualizable operation software, saves the hassle of development while being easy to deploy.

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2.5D Accurate Positioning

With Dobot self-developed 2.5D spatial compensation technology, it can accurately identify target object’s horizontal and tilt angles with accuracy up to ±0.5 mm, allowing robots to capably dealing with complex scenarios having uneven floors and disorderly objects.

Multiple Functions in One

Integrates various types of fault preventing inspection algorithms for tasks such as material positioning, barcode and character identification, width and diameter measurement, gray scale measurement and more.

Simple & Easy Deployment

Works with the DobotStudioPro operation software to allow setting up solutions through quick guidance without the need of handling complex procedures in developmental work. It supports graphical programming which is easy to familiarized and can increase the efficiency of solution deployment.



Sensor Type

CMOS, global shutter

Pixel Size

3.2 µm × 3.2 µm

Sensor Size



2368 × 1760

Pixel Format

Mono 8


Black & white


Lens Connector

M12 mount, mechanical focusing

Focal Length

12.4 mm

Light Source

14 LED: White

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