The traditional healthcare industry requires high intensive and long working hours which could result in mistreatment of patients and lawsuit. Collaborative robots have consistent performance and are safe to work alongside doctors, nurses and patients.

Dobot’s robots are quick to deploy, capable of a wide range of tasks, safe and easy to use. They can perform tasks such as patient care, item delivery, reagent packaging and sample testing to alleviate the workload and stress off medical staff.

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Advantages of Collaborative Robots


Collaborative robots are packed with sensors for collision detection. They are much safer than traditional robots and can perform operations under various conditions.


A wide range of flexible end effectors enables collaborative robots to perform various tasks.


No additional computing device required. With drag-to-teach, train robots by directly moving the robotic arm through desired paths.

Application Scenarios

Loading & Unloading 

Bin Picking 

Quality Inspection 

Recommended Robots

Choose the robot with the payload and working radius that best fits your needs for optimal results.


Lightweight & Compact


High Performance 


Allround Multitasker

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